Elite X 100 Flash File (Sc6531 4Mb)

SC6531 platform

SC6531 is a single-chip baseband/RF transceiver for the mid- to low-end multimedia feature phone market. Designed with 40nm CMOS silicon, the SC6531 delivers high performance and low power consumption on a low-cost platform. In addition to a high performance ARM926EJ-S Core, the solution integrates a multimedia accelerator, graphics accelerator and FPU accelerator, enabling it to deliver excellent multimedia performance and strong processing ability. The SC6531 integrates the baseband, RF transceiver, power management unit, pSRAM, high quality audio PA, Bluetooth, FM, touch screen controller and triple-SIM controller into a single-chip solution, coupling its advances in performance and low cost with a high level of integration that brings further value to customers by reducing design complexity and design time…….